Floor Heating

Floor heating is a method based on space heating radiators location immediately below the floor level. This ensures a relatively uniform heat release.

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Underfloor heating with hot water

Hot water underfloor heating is more advantageous than the wall mounted radiator, where the heat output of radiators is produced at a high level from the ground, rises to the ceiling where then lies down and cold air form the legs . In case of floor heating, heat is released uniformly from the ground, providing increased thermal comfort. Installing pipes raise the floor by 8-10 cm, and temperature variations during starts and stops result in repeated dilations regular floor pads, appearing joints between them, so it takes special prosecution, possibly with aluminum foil.


Electric Floor Heating

While underfloor heating pipe, water is mounted under a layer of about 60-100 mm / cement screed cables for electric underfloor heating installed at 3-5 cm below the floor surface. In this way, installation is faster and easier and installation costs are lower. Due to rapid and almost instant heating, obtained by using electric cables, heating control is easier and the feeling of comfort is reached more quickly, automatically leading to lower power consumption for room heating. Also, especially if located in the attic or the rooms on an upper floor, floor thickness can be smaller, which reduces the construction material.